Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Time really does fly....

Two years and nine months have gone (well that about) since my last blog post.

I used to blog about things that were exciting and me (double income no kids type of exciting) then BOOM! On November, 19th 2010 in bursts Miss G.

Little Miss G recently turned two years old, yes that is where the last two years and nine months has gone and it has gone so ridiculously fast.

I guess if you stumble across this blog you are probably thinking, not another mummy blogger.... Well sadly for you, I am a mummy and I am blogging, but I am not just any mummy I am Emzilla the Mumzilla (insert scary music here)........

This blog will be my thoughts, my venting, my hopes and dreams, my fears and frustrations of being a mum to Miss G and a wife / best friend to my seriously patient husband.

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