Thursday, 29 November 2012

Love bites - thanks G!

So my Miss G has been a biting mess of late and I have been the receiver of all things sharp and pointy.

Yes I am a twilight fan, but these toddler chompers weren't the ones I had envisaged hooking into my pasty skin.

Feeling a little sorry for myself a few nights ago I poured myself a bucket o' wine (no binge drinking here) to think about how I can combat my cannibal child.

I know biting is a sign of frustration, however when she can communicate fairly well and gets mostly everything she asks for (before you pipe up - I know that's probably where I have gone wrong), she really shouldn't have much reason to.

Example; We go to gymnastics on a Monday (for her to exert some energy, however I am running around after her most of the time asking her to stop touching, pulling, opening etc... it’s exhausting) and Miss G decided she was going to escape from the gymnastics area that is only closed with a small gate.

This small gate is the only thing between the car park and 15 crazy two to four year old energetic children.

Miss G unlatches the gate and I get there only seconds later to quickly close it (imagine a slow motion dive and my stretched out hand closing the latch - classy huh). I had to take a stand, literally so I stood in front of the gate after squeezing between G and the latch (my back was facing her), she wasn’t happy... This is when it happened. My child bit me on the bum cheek.

I was shocked, I mean yeah she had bitten me before... on the arm, leg, hand etc but she went in for the rump and bit me HARD.

What did I do, nothing........

One of the mothers looked at me in shock and the look on her face read 'Control your feral child', another told me to bite her back. Now I know neither of these are going to teach G not to bite me, biting her will send the message that biting is ok, not doing anything well that wont teach her a thing.

So this is where the bucket o' wine (insert brand promotion here wine companies) and internet came into it, as a little research turned into a rant from me.

I know that children go through stages and fazes, these stages will pass but I miss my kissing child (the non kissing is for another post).

Ahhh the terrible two's......

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