Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Merry Christmas

It’s the silly season and I am starting to go ducking nuts with all the plans and catering in place. However I love Christmas, it makes me all warm and fuzzy and a little mental too!

The ongoing Christmas festivus (no Seinfield) kicked off last weekend with two birthday parties.

This year I volunteered to host Christmas at our house, I bet you are wondering why I would do that to myself well it’s because:

a) we have a young child and it will be easier if people come to us and
b) because we have recently moved into our newly renovated home and want to show it off (in August 2012).

I didn’t think about that one very strategically as I will be cleaning like a fiend in the days leading up, between and after. Lucky I have a handy, helpful and very good looking husband to help me (*bribes).

The entertainment plans are in full swing starting with three Christmas lunches (Sunday before Christmas day, the big one on Christmas Day and also Boxing Day), we have our Christmas street party and my darling husbands birthday as well.

Miss G has really enjoyed the Christmas festivities so far by helping me decorate the tree, wrap the presents and go shopping (apologies to my husband in advance as I am sure Miss G has inherited my over the top spending habits).

We have piled loads of gifts under the tree (with more to wrap), it’s a really exciting time of year.
A few days ago Miss G ran over to me asking me to check out this present “Look Mum, Look” then it started “Ohhh, Nooooo”. Miss G the cheeky bugger had stuck her finger into the paper and started to tear the paper ever so gently. She was peeking through the wrapping “Present mum, look”. I seriously thought the shaking, peeking and guessing didn’t start till a little older. Guess I am wrong. I almost caved in and gave the present to her, but with sticky tape in hand I stuck to my guns and wrapped that present in tape so hard. It wasn’t coming unwrapped, no finger was invading that wrapping for the next 6 days and nor was it going to open that gift – not even on chrissy day.

I hope that your Christmas is merry, your Christmas day is bright and Santa comes down your chimney on Christmas Eve night.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy & Safe New Year.

Love Emzilla the Mumzilla xoxo

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