Friday, 14 December 2012

Santa round two....

This evening we had Miss G's daycare Christmas party. It was at a local indoor playcentre that is awesome, it has roller blades and everything!

Anyway since the last Santa encounter Miss G has been totally scared. I cannot even pull into the shopping centre car park without her saying 'No Santa' to me.

This evening all the kids at the playcentre were sat in front of a huge chair all chanting for Santa, Miss G didn't know what was going on.

Then in he walked and then the freak out began.

My husband was there and the closest standing to Miss G so this time she scrambled up his leg and cringed. She was terrified!

Santa pranced in and walked straight up to her, which didn't help.

Poor bubba begged to leave the party and was even saying when we walked outside that she wanted to go to bed.

The whole trip home she asked 'where Santa was?' and 'no Santa'.

Someone has said to me that Miss G might have an actual phobia of Santa! Possible, however this is pretty much the first year she has known of him.

So my question is, does the Santaphobia exist? Does he fall into the same category as Coulrophobia (phobia of clowns)?

In regards to the last Santa post, I also attempted the sit with Santa & G trick. It didn't work!

My poor girl.... Maybe when she realises what it's all about she will cotton on that the cool kids like the man in the red suit.


  1. Spewing that, I would just ignore it until next year... Its almost over... Poor little G... x

  2. Thanks Corrie, hahs Miss G is ok. She will cotton on that he's not that scary!

    Merry Christmas! Em xx